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Fuelling fleets just got simpler, safer, smarter… with GOIL GOCard.


GOCard is a prepaid electronic card which can be used to purchase and manage fuel. It allows for reliable follow-up on fuel consumption, eliminates the need to carry cash and can be tailored to meet the need of individuals, fleet owners and managers. GOCard uses a state-of-the-art magnetic stripe technology which helps reduce the risk of use by persons other than designated users.


Our Offers, Your Benefits:


Superb Security

Each card has a PIN needed to validate transactions.

Cards are captured when wrong PIN is entered three (3) times.


Individual Uniqueness:

An individual receives a customised card embossed with name and or vehicle information.


Multiuse Flexibility

An account can have several cards assigned to it where each card is associated with a PIN.

Detailed Receipts

All transactions record Date, Time, Place, Card Number, Authorisation Code as well as opening and closing balance.

Loyalty programs

Card can be used at any time.

Transactions are real time

Unlimited number of transactions.

Account activities or Statement on request

Web access to view live feeds or online transactions, and a host of other benefits.


card-1 Card-2


User control

A fleet manager’s dream come true…

Fleet managers or owners have control over consumption and can restrict driver journey and card usage in the following ways:

  • Zonal or Station restriction
  • Card limit
  • Usage limit
  • Time restriction
  • Terminal restriction
  • Product restriction

Loading your card account

Each client is provided with an electronic loading form, pre-filled with your company information, cardholder names/vehicle IDs and account numbers. This list can be submitted with payment to any of the designated filling stations, in addition to the GOIL Head Office and GOIL zonal offices in Accra, Tamale, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi.

Funds can also be transferred from one card account to another.


GO Account Care

Each account is assigned a relationship manager to help keep things GOing.

The following are also available for GO Account holders:


Web Access:

Clients may subscribe to our web access facilities. Users have real-time access to all transactions and developments on all cards assigned to their account.


Customer Care:

GOIL’s extra care programme ensures cardholders enjoy 24/7 customer service.


Ready to get GOing?

For fleet owners, interested persons can either complete the fleet application form online or submit a list of fleet vehicles with completed forms through email Completed forms can also be submitted to the GOIL Head Office.

Companies may complete the corporate account application form provided in an information pack. Staff and Executives may complete the corporate card holder application form, also included with the pack. Forms for individuals are also available.

Once payment has been made and we have client information, card production begins. Cards take between 1 to 3 working days to be produced depending on the number required.

We look forward to getting your fleet on the GO!