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GOIL offers you different modes of payment for goods and services at the service stations. In addition to using cash, GOIL Coupons and GO cards are accepted. These payment options are available to individuals, companies,  organizations and transport owners who wish to control expenditure.

Fuel Retailing
GOIL has a large and growing retail network of unparalleled geographical spread, currently comprising more than 290 service stations, and 150 consumer outlets spread across the country. The cons
Our rebranding came with a novelty and a continuous improvement program in customer satisfaction. Our efforts have been channeled into marketing lubricants that meet customer needs.   Our lub
LP Gas
GOIL is the market leader in the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) market. Our clientele base comprises retail outlets and direct bulk consumers. We also boast of an unmatched fleet of LPG Bulk Road Vehi
GOIL went into aviation to improve the company’s image internationally and to maximize our customer opportunities in other airports in the country, we have constructed modern Jet A-1 fuel depots at
GOIL supplies Marine Gas Oil (MGO) to ocean-going vessels in Tema and Takoradi, a process called bunkering. In the provision of these services the Company lays emphasis on Product Quality, Product Ava
GO card
  The GO Card debit card is designed for the benefit of both existing and potential customers in terms of security and convenience as it facilitates the planning and monitoring of fuel c