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Key Accomplishments

GOIL has over the years made significant strides in transforming itself from a near-moribund state enterprise to become the number one Oil Marketing giant in the country. The first significant step was the restructuring of the company from a state-owned one into a public-listed entity.


Through the visionary leadership of the Board, management and the commitment of workers, GOIL was listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange in 2007. Over the past five years GOIL has recorded key milestones which have resulted in several accomplishments. Key among them is the rebranding of the company in 2012 which involved the changing of the company’s corporate logo, the adoption of a new slogan ‘Good energy’ and the complete face- lifting and revamping of existing stations as well as the expansion of the number of service stations.


Another milestone has been the achievement of ISO certification which was ratified in 2012 This has given an endorsement to the company to continue ensuring quality of GOIL products and above all enforcing high standards in operations, health and safety. The establishment of Go Energy as a BDC wing was a huge step for GOIL. GO Energy commenced full operations in 2015.


With the setting up of GO energy, fuel products are now readily available on the market and needless fuel shortages have been avoided.