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The GO Card debit card is designed for the benefit of both existing and potential customers

in terms of security and convenience as it facilitates the planning and monitoring of fuel

consumption of individual and corporate clients.


The detailed features and benefits of the GOIL GO Card include the following:


  •  Cards are personalized: The GOCard is specific to each individual or vehicle. Each

beneficiary, whether a staff member or fleet vehicle, will receive a customized card

with name and/or vehicle information embossed on the card.

  •  Card Capture: Each card has a PIN, which must be entered before a transaction is

authenticated. As a security measure, the card is captured and gives an error code

after a wrong PIN is entered three times. This helps to reduce the risk of someone

other than the card bearer running a fuel bill at your expense.


  •  Identifying Information on Receipt: All transactions record the place of purchase,

time of purchase, station’s ID and authorization code. The opening and closing

balances are also recorded.

  •  Web Access: Corporate clients may subscribe to our web access portal, which

enables Transport Managers to have real-time access to all transactions that are

done on any of the company’s cards.

This feature gives access to card transaction details/summary including card

balances and locations of transactions.

Additionally, Fleet managers are equipped by this portal to generate Reports

(PDF/Excel) for their own analysis.

  •  Statement: individuals can be provided with a detailed report on their account

activities on request.